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Usui Reiki Training Courses and Treatments in Swanage, Purbeck, Dorset

Master Teacher Practitioner Allyson Williamson

What is Reiki?

The Japanese word Reiki means “universal energy”. It is a term used to describe a natural system to help bring about an improved sense of well being and a positive feeling of spiritual renewal or emotional uplift. Reiki’s natural energy is powerful yet gentle and can prove helpful when experiencing periods of emotional anxiety and physical pain and discomfort.

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

There is no physical pressure applied during a Reiki treatment, making Reiki ideal for those who have undergone any type of operation, during pregnancy, for the elderly or anyone in pain.  Usui Reiki may be used with confidence alongside orthodox healthcare and other complementary treatments.  At the time of your Reiki session, you will be asked to lie on a couch if possible, although Reiki treatments can be given in whatever position or place is comfortable and suitable for you. Although shoes are usually taken off, no other clothing is removed for the Reiki treatment. Your therapist’s hands are placed gently and non intrusively in positions over the head and body, remaining longer over “problem” areas.

Many people ask what they will experience during a Reiki treatment - this can vary from one visit to another, depending on your needs at the  time.  Some people feel warmth, tingling or just complete relaxation and a sense of complete calm and peace. Many people find that they can totally “switch off” during a Reiki treatment - not something that many of us find easy to do in our often hectic lifestyles.  Reiki can also help with dealing with addictions and to break up negative patterns within our lives.

Following a Reiki treatment, most people feel relaxed and refreshed and more at peace with themselves. Reiki is also an excellent therapy for helping to resolve unhealed emotional issues and coping with periods of stress and anxiety and can be combined with any other Complementary Therapy Treatment.

Appointments available in Swanage, Dorset

Learning to use Reiki for yourself and others:

Reiki Training and attunements at all levels are available - please see Training Courses for details.


Most people who have received Reiki know how beneficial it is, but people who have not experienced, or even heard of Reiki may naturally be more curious. The Centre for Reiki Research has set up an easily accessible website www.centerforreikiresearch.org in order to promote people’s awareness of Reiki.

This site provides a list of evidence-based research published in peer-reviewed journals along with a critical summary of each study. The list is kept up to date and currently includes 33 studies.

Other research information can be found on the UK Reiki Federation Website